Honda Buddy

Honda Buddy Loyalty Program for Existing Customers


In case of an existing Honda 2W customer purchasing a new Honda Car, the new car shall be billed in the name of the same customer.

In case of an existing Honda 4W customer purchasing a new Honda Car, the new car will be billed under his/her name. In case of his/her blood relations/spouse/friends etc, existing 4W customer may use the Buddy option.

Benefits & Rewards:

The Points are earned by the UIO with each additional Repurchase or Referral delivery (Dlite gate pass) against specific enquiry generated via unique ID by customer log-in in to Honda Buddy Loyalty portal.

For every repurchase or referral, the UIO will accrue 5,000 points. For every 3rd car referral additional 3,000 bonus points would be accrued and for 5th car referral bonus points of 3,000 would be accrued in to the customer’s online account.

Each point equates to Rs. 1 that can only be encashed at Honda Dealer against his Service, spares, accessories, insurance, next new car purchase, next insurance/renewal etc. These services can be taken only against the new car purchased for a 2W customer and either new or existing car for the 4W customer.

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