Corporate Benefits

Corporate Benefits

Any Corporate sale to Individuals (or their spouse) working for Corporate / or, Corporate Houses themselves - the sales will generally be routed through dealer billing. For retails done by dealers to Corporate House / Individuals working for Corporate (or their spouse), all dealers across India will follow the Corporate Discount structure as per enclosed Corporate Policy Annexure (Corporate Offer- Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bulk). Beyond this we have created a special provision to incentive some specific Fleet Management / Leasing Companies based on the volume of business they have been doing with us under the Diamond Category.We wish to see all our Channel fraternity, going all out in taking a quantum leap in maximizing our reach in the Corporate Segment. We would seek your whole-hearted cooperation in deploying the requisite number of Corporate Sales Consultants at your dealerships immediately to reach out to the Corporate Houses. We shall work closely with your teams to deliver significant Volumes on Corporate Sales.

CSD/CPC/DS & D (Haryana Govt.)

All sales to CSD / CPC/ DS & D (Haryana Govt.) would follow the discount structure, terms & conditions as per the agreement of contract. Accordingly HCIL will provide the applicable price list for the purpose. The sharing of these discounts between HCIL and Dealer for CSD/CPC would be 50:50 % basis as per normal corporate policy. For DS &D the discount share would be based on contract negotiations with DS & D Haryana and will be informed accordingly to the dealers dealing with DS & D Haryana.

Medical Council Of India/Dental Council of India (IMC/IDC)

As per the procedure of Medical Council of India /Dental council of India, "Those candidates who are already holding registration with State Medical Councils need not apply for further registration with Medical Council / Dental Council of India as their names are enrolled in the Indian Medical Register through the State Medical Councils" Henceforth, Registration Certificate with registration number from Medical Council of India / Dental Council of India / State Medical & Dental Councils / Indian Medical Association / Indian Dental Association/ State Chapters of Indian Medical & Indian Dental Associations would all be honored.

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